Brand: Sup'Air

Sup'Air Shine - Round parachute - Solo

Round parachute The Shine is a round Pull Down Apex parachute developed by our in-house design department. Its objective is to offer a very reduced weight and volume while maintaining maximum safety. Thanks to its advanced design and quality materials, it will meet the essential needs of all paraglider pilots.

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Wings by homologation
Paragliding by homologation - Rid'Air

Wings by homologation

Paraglider wings are approved by independent laboratories.

The minimum for a paraglider to be marketed is the Load Test, which certifies the strength of the structure at 8x the maximum PTV of each wing. Depending on their level of requirement, they are often classified A, B, C, D or even CCC.

These levels make it easy to choose your wing according to your experience and the number of flight hours achieved each year.

Your first wing is an EN A, it will accompany you from the school slope to your first thermal flights. The longer and thinner the wings become, the higher the certification level. A longer wing is more efficient, but will forgive less in the event of a flight incident. The golden rule is not to overestimate yourself, and to fly with a wing at your level to maximize performance.

The team's experienced instructors and pilots will be happy to guide you in your choice!

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Brand: Niviuk

Niviuk Peak 6 - Paraglider EN-D - Experts

UPGRADE More performance with incredibly smooth and efficient cornering. The Peak 6's top speed has been improved while still being easy to control. Our R+D team has designed a new profile and a completely new load distribution in the internal structure to improve the surface finish and the gliding experience in flight. All this, without losing the great...

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Brand: Air Design

AirDesign - Vivo - Paragliding EN-B - Progression

The Vivo is our brand new wing for the EN-B category – and to some extent it is the successor to the Vita, but it is so advanced in design and technology that we have decided to give it a new name. You can always expect more from a newly developed paraglider, the Vivo is not just an evolution! Long live the revolution!

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Reference: ADVEPSI9

Brand: Advance

copy of Advance Epsilon 9 - Paraglider EN B - Progression

The joy of flying There is nothing special to do to give the taste of paragliding to a simple earthling fan of flight. What is special is to offer him positive experiences and high feelings of well-being, which allow him to practice this sport for many years after obtaining the pilot's license. And that's exactly what our new EPSILON series does.

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