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    Way Gliders COSY 2 - EN B

    • The ideal second sail of your pilot life!
    • Its perfect balance between performance, accessibility and maneuverability will allow you to progress peacefully while having fun.
    • With it, you will do your first nice cross country and become an experienced pilot.
    Couleur Cosy 2
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    The Rid'Air team's opinion: "The second wing of your life as a pilot."</ h3>

    Who is the pilot of Cozy 2?

    When you have learned your skills with a wing after school, you quickly want more. The Cozy 2 is aimed at newly certified pilots or in the process of becoming one (around 100 flights).

    You've already done thermals, hours of inflation in EN A... and you want more? More precision, more speed, more finesse.

    It's time to switch to a B wing.

    BehaviorThe Cozy 2 inflates very easily. It rises in one piece, with excellent refocusing capacity when climbing and running. Its pronounced roll offers a precise and constant turn during your thermal climbs. Once accelerated: it stabilizes and almost no longer rolls. Welcome to the next level!
    A real SUVThe Cozy 2, the second wing in a pilot's life, allows access to any type of flight. Powerful enough for cross country, fun enough for soaring and dune riding, a “B for everything”.
    Pleasure of pilotingReturning to stable flight after a stall or collapse is automatic and does not require specific action. You will love doing dozens of hours of inflation in Cozy 2, which will automatically translate into your level of turbulence piloting.
    First class fabric and linesDominico, Liros, Edelrid. These big names in the outdoor industry are our suppliers. We use the best line spools and fabric to guarantee a durable and reliable product.


    Cozy 222242628
    Lying flat5.
    Flat surface (m2)22242628
    Rope (m)2.542.662.762.87
    Total lines (m)218228238247
    Accelerator (mm)130130130130
    Take-off weight (kg)60-8070-9282-10595-120
    Ideal weight (kg)60-7576-8687-99100-120
    Wing weight4.
    Approval (EN)BBBB

    Size 20 available in HF version (light fabric)



    Do not hesitate to consult the official Way website directly: https://www.waygliders.com/</ a>
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