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Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 1
  • Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 1
  • Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 3
  • Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 4
  • Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 5
  • Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly - 6

Niviuk Skin 3P - Single surface ultra light paraglider - Hike and fly

Ultra lightweight single-surface.

Ideal with a string harness.

The ally of your cross-country flights.

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The team at Rid'Air's review: "The ultimate paragliding wing. Easy and safe, certified and extremely light"

The Niviuk Skin 3P is an extra lightweight single-surface paraglider. Designed for cross-country and run-and-fly flying, the Skin P is a healthy and certified wing in its behavior. Of course, less performing than double-surface wings, but single-surface wings still allow to catch thermals and fly for longer.

Often used as a "second option", single-surface wings like the Skin 3P have slightly lower performance in terms of glide ratio and speed than standard wings.

A small gem of technology that will delight walk-and-fly enthusiasts!

The Plume series in its purest form
Lightweight, easy to fly and much more fun. Enhance your hiking and flying goals with the comfort and safety of a certified EN B wing.

Designed for adventure

The best choice for mountain and climbing enthusiasts looking for ultra-compact, lightweight and versatile equipment.... The "Fast and Light" spirit is in the Skin 3 P.

Intense pleasure

Maximum accessibility with better performance in turbulent conditions. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself, the Skin 3 P offers more speed and stability to fly in thermals and transit as if it were a conventional wing.

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