Way Gliders LACY 2 HF - Paraglider EN A Light Way Gliders - 1
    • Way Gliders LACY 2 HF - Paraglider EN A Light Way Gliders - 1
    • Way Gliders LACY 2 HF - Paraglider EN A Light Way Gliders - 2
    • Way Gliders LACY 2 HF - Paraglider EN A Light Way Gliders - 3
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    Way Gliders LACY 2 HF - Paraglider EN A Light

    • In Hike & Fly, the Lacy 2 HF will satisfy your thirst for adventure!
    • Without any compromise, it is a perfect first wing, available in lightweight fabric.
    • Adapted to any type of flight, it will follow you absolutely everywhere!


    The Rid'Air team's opinion: "The ideal first wing"

    Who is the pilot of Lacy 2 HF?

    The Lacy 2 HF pilot has just finished his paragliding courses and is autonomous on a known site. He is passionate about paragliding and wants to acquire his first sail. As teaching professionals, we highly recommend an E.N. A approved wing for its passive safety and ease of inflation.

    With Lacy 2 HF you will become an accomplished pilot, discover thermals and the exciting life of the paragliding pilot.

    Best of all, with the HF range you don't make compromises, and you get a backpack for your everyday flights!

    BehaviorLacy 2 HF inflates quietly, without hard spots, and virtually stops on its own above your head. Its light fabric further improves takeoff. The progressive turn requires little effort on the control, despite a long travel on the controls. This results in smooth landings and regular thermal climbs.
    Your very first wingWe strongly recommend starting your progression on an E.N. A approved wing. You will not get bored or hinder your progress with a Lacy 2, since even experienced pilots use it in HF version during their travels.
    Evolution into Lacy 2When a very experienced pilot asked us which wing to start aerobatics with, we recommended Lacy 2. Indeed, its piloting qualities make it a great ally for working on your first helicopters, your SATs and other nice pendulum movements!
    A hiking wingAt 3.2 kg on the scale, Lacy 2 is undoubtedly an excellent machine for walking up to takeoff. Opting for such a wing saves you from having to buy a second wing for flying/hiking.


    Lacy 2 Light222426
    Lying flat4.754.754.75
    Flat surface (m2)222426
    Rope (m)2.642.762.87
    Total lines (m)220226240
    Accelerator (mm)130130130
    Take-off weight (kg)45-7060-8075-95
    Ideal weight (kg)45-6465-7778-92
    Wing weight3.23.53.8
    Approval (EN)AAA

    Size 28 available in classic version.



    Do not hesitate to consult the official Way website directly: https://www.waygliders.com/
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