CRT 00 FP - Radio for paragliders CRT - 1
    • CRT 00 FP - Radio for paragliders CRT - 1
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    • CRT 00 FP - Radio for paragliders CRT - 3
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    CRT 00 FP - Radio for paragliders

    Compact dual band radio frequency FFVL possible 5W, small price.



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    Here is the entry-level radio from the French brand CRT. Studied for paragliding, it allows you to enter all the frequencies used in paragliding. 

    The CRT 00 FP paragliding radio also allows you to use 2 frequencies at the same time thanks to its dual-band function (like all CRT radios). You will be able to enter the federated frequency 143.9875 MHz in listening and use another frequency to chat with your friends in flight (subject to legal use of frequencies)

    Its power between 1 and 5W is sufficient for local use on small sites. Cross country pilots will prefer higher models emitting up to 20km. 

    its small price, quality of construction, and compactness make it ideal for pilots wishing to have their first equipment. The screen is backlit and very readable. Manual in French, radio language in English.

    Warning: Disclaimer.

    Following numerous incidents on unauthorized frequencies, the Agence Nationale des Fréquences has pointed the finger at free flight. 

    CRT sets (as well as all VHF radios used in free flight) are intended for exclusive use between 144 and 146 MHz for amateur radio operators only. If you are not a certified radio amateur, it is strictly forbidden to use these frequencies under penalty of prosecution and a 7500€ fine. 

    We recommend exclusive use of the FFVL frequency 143.9875 MHz and not to transmit except in case of emergency.

    As a reminder, the user is solely responsible for the frequency ranges they use. Use of any other frequency is illegal and at the users own risk.

    Technical Sheet

    StandardAMATEUR RADIO (restriction: use on transmit with Amateur Radio operator certificate required)
    ModeVHF / UHF
    FrequenciesRX/TX: 144-146 Mhz / 430-440 Mhz
    PowerVHF: 1W / 5Watts -- UHF: 1W / 4Watts ERP
    Power supply7.2V DC ± 20%
    Channels128 channels / memories
    Channel spacing25 KHz wide band - 12.5 KHz narrow band
    No increment2.5 / 5 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 Khz
    FunctioningUHF-VHF / UHF-UHF / VHF-VHF / VHF-UHF
    TONE BURSTYes: tone generally used to open a relay (1750Hz)
    CTCSS / DCS (encoder/decoder)50 CTCSS / 208 DCS: sub-audio encoding to trigger the squelch in a selective manner
    DTMF (encoder)Yes: tone encoding, to use a relay, internet gateway or other (originally included)
    PTT / ID (caller ID)Yes: allows you to program a different tone sequence for each caller
    ANY CODEYes: identifier code + selective call coding
    DUAL LISTENING functionYes: listen scan of two frequencies
    VOX functionYes: this function triggers your microphone to sound (hands-free)
    TOT functionYes: anti-talker
    Scan functionYes: automatic search for busy channels (scan)
    BCLO functionYes: busy channel lock
    REVERSE functionYes: TX frequency switches to RX and vice versa
    ALARM functionYes: the device will emit a siren sound and transmit that sound on the current channel
    ReceiverYes: FM radio reception
    Miscellaneous functionsKey lock + Key beep + Battery saver + Flashlight + Offset for repeater + Cloning function
    DisplayLCD display: blue, green, purple
    DisplayDual frequency and/or channel display of choice
    OptionsProgramming cable + software
    Programmable by computerYes
    BatteryLi-ion 1600 mAh * 7.2V
    ConnecticsCRT type K
    Antenna20 cm / high gain / SMA-Female connector
    Comes withTable top charger, battery, antenna, 1 neck strap, 1 hand strap and belt clip
    Dimensions122 x 63x 36 mm
    Weight260 g
    Warranty2 years
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