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Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range Sup'Air - 2
  • Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range Sup'Air - 3
  • Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range Sup'Air - 4

Sup'Air Birdy - EN A paraglider - Top of the range


A versatile, fun and safe wing

EN A+ paraglider for autonomous pilots.

A top-of-the-range EN A, stretched for its class.

Efficient and safe.

Couleur Sup'Air - Birdy
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Rid'Air team's opinion: "A new wing segment is born: An A+ for well-trained pilots looking for their first XCs."

The Sup'Air Birdy is a high-end EN A wing. It is on the border of B certification, and its performance surpasses that of all A on the market. Its cutting-edge finish (the risers and suspension connections are absolutely beautiful) did not leave us indifferent. We love the concept!

The watchword during the design of the Birdy was “versatility”. Intended primarily to be the first acquisition of a pilot coming out of school, its program is not limited to that.

Thanks to an assembly of different materials - depending on the areas of the wing - the Birdy is both light and compact without compromising its durability. An unsheathed high lines and a design oriented “performance” make the Birdy a wing at the top of its category.

An intuitive and playful turn will allow the pilot to progress quickly and have fun in the air.


Beginners and recreational pilots
Take off on foot or with a winch

Ergonomic risers
Sharknose profile
Nitinol on large openings
Anti-friction rings
Smart mini ribs
Ears kit
Wing tip emptying system
Removable C-shaped steering kit

Exterior fabric: Dominico D30 soft, Dominico D20 soft
Interior fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² soft

Partition fabric: MJTec 32 g/m² hard finish, Porcher Sport Skytex 27 g/m² hard finish
Reinforcement fabric: Porcher Sport

Upper lines & intermediate: Edelrid
Lower lines: Edelrid

Standard EN 926 – 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 – Class A


  • BIRDY veil
  • Trek Bag 90/110
  • Compact Case
  • Accelerator
  • Instructions (USB key)
  • Pocket with repair kit


Number of cells4444444444
Flat surface (m²)21.2523.626.528.330.5
Wingspan (m)10.2510.8111.4511.8312.28
Rope (m)2.542.682.842.933.05
Flat elongation4.954.954.954.954.95
Projected area (m²)18.0320.222.4824.0125.88
Projected wingspan (m)8.118.559.069.369.72
Projected elongation3.683.683.683.683.68
Sail weight (kg)3.303.844.204.404.60
Total Flywheel Weight Range (kg)50-7065-8580-10590-115105-130
Number of risers33333
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