Brand: Sup'Air

Sup'Air Shine - Round parachute - Solo

Round parachute The Shine is a round Pull Down Apex parachute developed by our in-house design department. Its objective is to offer a very reduced weight and volume while maintaining maximum safety. Thanks to its advanced design and quality materials, it will meet the essential needs of all paraglider pilots.

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Pilot harnesses

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Reference: ADVBIPRO3

Brand: Advance

Advance Bipro 4 - Harness - Pilot Tandem

Ease in everyday life The BIPRO 4, a harness for two-seater pilots, has many useful features for simple and safe daily work. Although the harness weighs just 2.6 kg, it is of a very sturdy construction. This particularly comfortable harness will thrill the pros for everyday use, but will also provide an excellent service to occasional tandem pilots.

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