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Brand: Sup'Air

Sup'Air Shine - Round parachute - Solo

Round parachute The Shine is a round Pull Down Apex parachute developed by our in-house design department. Its objective is to offer a very reduced weight and volume while maintaining maximum safety. Thanks to its advanced design and quality materials, it will meet the essential needs of all paraglider pilots.

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EN D Paragliding
EN D Paragliding

EN D Paragliding

Level flights and for competitions

These D-approved wings are made for level flights and for competitions. They will take expert and demanding pilots off from steep and uneven slopes in complete safety.

Very active pilots, trained in the techniques of leaving the flight envelope and experienced in flights in turbulent conditions will appreciate the high performance of these wings.

You will find on this page cross-country wings, light wings as well as wings specially dedicated to competitions.

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