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Niviuk Kode P - EN A Paraglider - Initiation Niviuk - 1
  • Niviuk Kode P - EN A Paraglider - Initiation Niviuk - 1
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Niviuk Kode P - EN A Paraglider - Initiation

The Kode P is the ally of your hikes: light to carry and super easy to handle in the air.

The walk will be even more pleasant and the pleasure of the descent; the just reward after the effort!

  • Accessibility!
  • Lightness!
  • Versatility!
  • Sizes 16 and 18 for seasoned pilots.
coloris Kode P
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Rid'Air team opinion: " The Niviuk Kode P is a light and compact wing, very versatile. Ideal for touring as well as for soaring in strong winds and speed flying. "< /strong>

Adventures IN A

The KODE P is an accessible and versatile wing in all sizes that will allow you to fully appreciate your flight in having full kite control.

Marche & recreational flight

Its lightness will allow you to optimize your performance on the go and in flight. Particularly compact, it is very compressible and easy to transport. Easy and optimized take-offs in any situation.

Marche & flight

Since wing loading influences wing behavior and flight characteristics, sizes 16 and 18 (top of PTV) are more for experienced pilots with active riding.

Internal structure

The latest generation internal structure of the KODE P is inspired by the design of the Klimber 2P, which allows a easy, fast and compact folding. The structural reinforcements have also been optimized to lighten the wing while maintaining maximum strength using as little material as possible.

The internal structure is made of Skytex 27 g/m2 combined with Dokdo 32 g/m2 for larger sizes sizes as well as at the most stressed attachment points, in order to preserve the resistance, strength and durability of the wing.

Ultimate lightness

The use of light materials (Dokdo 25g/m2 on the lower and upper surfaces, Dokdo 36g/m2 on the leading edge for sizes 20 to 26, Dokdo 25 g/m2 for all surfaces in sizes 16 and 18) is combined with the use of new Nitinol rods; they have the same properties as the previous ones with the advantage of being lighter and allowing more compact and faster storage.

High-end finishes

The leading edge of the KODE P has a very taut surface (3DL technology) and without creases thanks to the high-end finish, this improves performance. Combined with 3DP technology, the leading edge retains its shape avoiding deformations. These two technologies make it possible to optimize the durability of the wing.


Inspired by the structure of the Klimber 2P to lighten the wing, the design of the KODE P has been optimized in terms of comfort and safety.

Evolution of the wing

The blade of the KODE P strikes the right balance in terms of turn quality and roll stability.



16 18 20 22 24 26
ALVEOLI NUMBER 34 34 34 34 34 34
STRENGTHENING FLAT 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75 4.75
PROJECTED 3.83 3.83 3.83 3.83 3.83 3.83
SURFACE FLAT 16 18 20 22 24 26.5
PROJECTED 14.35 16.05 17.61 19.37 21.13 23.33
SPAN FLAT m 8.72 9.25 9.75 10.22 10.68 11.22
ROPE MAXIMUM m 2.26 2.39 2.52 2.65 2.76 2.9
LINES TOTAL m 218 231 243 255 267 281
MAIN 3/3/2 3/3/2 2+1/3/2 2+1/3/2 2+1/3/2 2+1/3/2
ACCEL STROKE mm 100 100 160 160 160 160
WING WEIGHT kg 1.8* 1.95* 2.24* 2.41* 2.6* 2.8*
EN/LTF A WEIGHT RANGE kg - 50-70 60-85 65-90 70-95 90-115
EN/LTF B WEIGHT RANGE kg 45-70 70-80 - - - -
EN/LTF C WEIGHT RANGE kg 70-90 80-100 - - - -
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