Who are we?

Our team is made up of connoisseurs in free flight, both in terms of practice and equipment:

  • Cyrille MARCK : Head of Rid Air, French champion of aerobatics 2008, instructor D.E. paragliding.
  • Valérie BERNHARDT : Commercial management, stock management, orders shipping, after sales service.
  • Philippe MARCK : Founder of the Centre Ecole du Markstein in 1977, D.E. paragliding and hang gliding instructor.

Behind this web showcase is the oldest paragliding school in France, and a physical store. If the old generation created the free flight (Philippe MARCK), the new generation develops it (Cyrille MARCK). That's why our team is adapting to new ways of operating, such as online sales.

At Rid'Air, you are advised by paragliding instructors. This is essential because only someone in the business has good notions of level, and therefore of equipment choice.

The Rid'Air entity is detached from the school and the physical store to adapt to the web, and does not replace the service found in the store, such as trying out a wing, a harness, maintenance, etc. Our prices are lower than in the school stores.

Ridair.com is an online store with a large inventory and the best brands. We display our stock in real time.

The new generation:

Everything can be found on the internet, and paragliding equipment is no exception. We try everything we sell, and are able to accurately describe how it feels under the wings and harnesses on ridair.com. That's why we think a wing or harness can easily be bought without a trial.

Physical store or internet?

Don't sacrifice advice for price, we're available all week via email and phone (when we're not flying or on a training hill). We'll be happy to help you find the right product for you and confirm your choice.

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