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Ozone Swift 6 - Paraglider EN B+ light - XC

Sold with 110 l bag for sizes XS and S, 140 l for larger sizes

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Couleur Ozone - Swift 6
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The Rid'Air team's opinion: "Probably the standard in the B+ category"

Ozone takes its technology from racing wings to sport wings. Thus, the Swift 6 is an ambitious cross country wing disguised as a B+.

Its low weight allows for easy inflation and a very compact bag. The accelerated glide ratio is at the top of its class despite a contained aspect ratio.

If you are looking for a light B+ with no budget limit (Ozone obliges): There is no other competitive choice on the market.

Available on order, about 6 weeks delay.

Number of cells6262626262
Projected area (m2) 1719.1120.3821.5222.64
Flat area (m2)20.0522.5424.0425.3826.7
Projected span (m) 8.438.949.239.499.73
Span flat (m)10.6911.3411.7112.0312.34
Projected aspect ratio4.
Flat elongation5.
Rope (m)2.362.512.592.662.73
Wing weight (kg)3.573.884.114.274.1
Total weight in flight (kg)55-7065-8575-9585-10595-115
Recommended total flying weight (kg)60-7070-8482-9490-104100-114
Homologation ENBBBBB
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