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Air Design - Hero 2 - Paraglider EN-D Air Design - 1
  • Air Design - Hero 2 - Paraglider EN-D Air Design - 1
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Air Design - Hero 2 - Paraglider EN-D


In Greek mythology, a hero is a character to whom remarkable courage and exploits are attributed and who has exercised a great influence on men and events.

Do we need to go back to ancient times to tell you about our lightweight EN-D 2-liner, designed for adventure and distance?

Absolutely not. Forget the first heroes, with the Hero 2, write your own odyssey.

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Construction & features

  • New Nose Guard Patches, protective patches on the leading edge: robustness is the key!
  • Comes with standard 12mm aramid risers. Superlight Dyneema risers available as an option (-110g)
  • Dominico DOKDO-10DSF with double coating for the extrados and intrados: durable Superlight construction
  • Nitinol rods all along the rope to not only save weight and increase strength, but also to ensure compact folding
  • Innovative internal construction to ensure longevity of performance. Our paragliders are built to last, performance included.


A big milestone in AirDesign history, the Hero 2 is a 2-line EN-D sail with durable Superlight construction. Passionate about distance flying, vol-biv and adventures, it's time to write your own story! The Hero 2 is the companion that will take you to the next level.

Flat surface (m²)20.3021.7023.3925.1026.81
Projected surface area (m²)17.3818.5820.0321.4922.96
Flat span (m)11.8712.2812.7513.2013.65
Projected span (m)9.649.9710.3510.7311.08
Lying flat6.956.956.956.956.95
Projected elongation5.355.355.355.355.35
Rope (m)
Weight (kg) risers 13mm3.463.583.803.994.19
Weight (kg) SL risers3.353.473.693.884.08
Total flying weight (kg)68-8278-9288-10399-115110-128
EN / LTF certificationDDDDD

The PTV is the total take-off weight (including the equipped pilot, the wing, the harness, the rescue, the accessories, etc.)



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