Conditions des expéditions chez Rid'Air

Are you a Rid'Air customer? Refer a friend!

The exclusive Rid'Air concept:

  • 1-Have a friend try out your existing wing or harness in our range.
  • 2- Does he or she like the material? Your friend can offer it to himself on Rid'Air at the "barred" rate indicated or at the agreed price after quotation.
  • 3- You receive a voucher** equal to 5% of the purchase price of your friend's equipment.


  • You have a friend try out your wing. Its recommended retail price is 3000€
  • Your friend likes it, he can buy it 2600€ on Rid'Air as your godson.
  • You receive a 130€ voucher to buy yourself a nice gift on Rid'Air.
*Firm discount applicable on a non-discounted public rate. Non-cumulative with current discounts or promo codes.
**Voucher valid for one year on Rid'Air store, excluding promotions, non-cumulative with other promo codes.

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