Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 1
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 1
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 4
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 7
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 8
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 9
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 10
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 11
    • Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying Ozone - 12

    Ozone -Zero 3 - Paraglider EN-926 - Speedflying

    • A completely new design, a resolutely modern mini-wing
    • Super easy launch in all conditions
    • Sizes from 13m to 19m give plenty of options for pilots of all skill levels
    • As well suited for seaside soaring as it is for high mountain rides
    Color Ozone - Zero 3
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    Rid'Air team opinion:"..."

    With a completely new design, it is a resolutely modern mini-wing

    The ZEROs have always been dynamic and enjoyable mini-wings whose performance allows them to be practiced in a variety of conditions and on various sites. Reviewed from top to bottom, the Zero 3 finally arrives and takes the Zero to a level of accessibility never seen before while keeping the fun factor and the performance that made the success of the series.


    Take-off behavior is the primary aspect on which we have focused our efforts. The Zero 3 inflates and rides well overhead in all conditions, with no tendency to overshoot in strong winds.


    The level of flight dynamics is based on the size of Zero 3 you take. Available in sizes from 13m to 19m, there is something for all tastes and all rider builds.


    The Zero 3 is designed for beginner-intermediate level paraglider pilots and above. More experienced pilots who fly heavier can benefit from a dynamic and stable wing.


    The new profile and a leading edge derived from our performance wings have improved strength and pitch stability in active aerology. The Zero 3's trimmers and accelerator allow a progressive acceleration without deformation of the profile which preserves its solidity, allowing easy use of the wide speed range.


    Fly everywhere! From dune soaring by the sea in strong winds to ground-level descents in the high mountains, the Zero 3's ease and performance in all configurations allow you to do all kinds of riding. It's a perfectly versatile wing that should be in every pilot's wardrobe.



    Number of cells34343434
    Projected area (m2)n11.413.214.916.7
    Flat area (m2)13151719
    Projected wingspan (m)6.286.757.187.6
    Flat Wingspan (m)7.698.268.799.31
    Projected elongation3.
    Flat elongation4.
    Wing Weight2.
    Flying weight range (kg)60-9065-9575-10095-110
    Load TestEN-926EN-926EN-926EN-926
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