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    Ozone - LiteSpeed 3 -Light Speed Flying

    • Lighter, it folds into a reduced volume
    • Simple and intuitive launch
    • Fast and efficient, from soaring to thermal flight
    • based on the completely new Zero 3
    Color Ozone - Litespeed 3
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    Rid'Air team opinion: " Light to wear, dynamic, agile and efficient in flight, the new LightSpeed 3 brings together in a small bag everything that makes us fall for speed wings!"

    From skimming free-riding in light winds to high-mountain touring and soaring in strong winds, the Lightspeed 3 excels in a wide range of uses. Like the Zero 3*, it is agile and very pleasant to drive, with performances that open up the possibility of very varied practices.


    Whether on a technical alpine takeoff, a dune with strong wind or a windless slope, the LiteSpeed's qualities in inflation and its support allow you a simple and graceful transition from the status of pedestrian to that of a rider. flying man.


    You can maximize flight feel and performance by choosing the 15m to 19m size that gives the wing loading to match your style**. Paragliding pilots with little experience will enjoy the agility and stability of the LightSpeed 3 while experienced pilots of mini-wings and speed-riding will be amazed by the complex maneuvers achievable under this new machine.</ p>


    Made from a mix of proven Skytex 27 and Dominico N20D fabrics, the SpeedLight 3 has exceptional durability for such a light wing. Equipped as standard with trimmers and a foot throttle that can be used independently or at the same time, it can also receive ultra-light risers as an option. Much like the wings our pilots shine with in competition, the LightSpeed 3 stays strong and planes well in accelerated flight, giving a boost of really usable performance.

    * The LightSpeed 3 is based on the concept that made the success of the Zero 3.

    ** Please note that we do not recommend accelerated flying in tubular conditions at high wing loadings and especially when you are close to the ground.


    Number of cells343434
    Projected area (m2)13.214.916.7
    Flat area (m2)151719
    Projected wingspan (m)6.757.187.6
    Flat Wingspan (m)8.268.799.31
    Projected elongation3.43.43.4
    Flat elongation4.54.54.5
    Wing weight1.92.12.3
    Load TestEN-926EN-926EN-926
    Flying weight range (kg)65-9575-10095-109


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