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Ozone Rush 6 - Paraglider EN B - Cross country Ozone - 1
  • Ozone Rush 6 - Paraglider EN B - Cross country Ozone - 1
  • Ozone Rush 6 - Paraglider EN B - Cross country Ozone - 6
  • Ozone Rush 6 - Paraglider EN B - Cross country Ozone - 7

Ozone Rush 6 - Paraglider EN B - Cross country

The cross country access wing in its new version. enjoy the "real" piloting at the rear on a 3-line, like on the M7 or the Delta.


  • Developed from the Delta 4
  • Best finesse in its category
  • Incredible stability in turbulence and active air
  • Improved sink rate and lift performance
  • Active Control Risers (ACR) from the Delta
  • 3/2-line hybrid lines
Couleur Ozone - Rush 6
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The opinion of the Rid'Air team: "Real piloting at the rear accessible to all."

Drum roll!

ozone finally offers an EN B+ wing taking advantage of the technology of the M7: Flying at the rear "for real" with a 3 line.

the secret? B and C are cleverly connected. Push the accelerator bar, place your hands between B and C (strap controls) and lead your wing wherever you want. The engineers have finally succeeded in creating the effect of changing the trim of the wing without deformation (like on a racing 2-line) with a 3-line wing.

Available to order. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

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Number of cells626262626262
Projected area (m2)1719.1120.3821.5222.6424.31
Flat surface (m2)20.0522.5424.0425.3826.728.67
Projected wingspan (m)8.438.949.239.499.7310.09
Flat Wingspan (m)10.6911.3411.7112.0312.3412.79
Projected elongation4.
Elongation flat5.
Rope (m)2.362.512.592.662.732.83
Wing weight (kg)4.324.744.965.195.395.65
Approved total steering wheel weight (kg)55-7265-8575-9585-10595-115110-130
Recommended Total Flying Weight (kg)60-7070-8482-9490-104100-114110-128
EN approvalBBBBBB
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