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Ozone - Moxie - Paragliding EN A - Introduction


Progressive controls and low sink rate

Excellent finesse for the category and strong cross-country potential, The best choice to start your racing career.

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The opinion of the Rid'Air team: " All-terrain school wings for simple and easy learning "

Rapid progress

The Moxie is a completely new design wing where all the technical innovations are at the service of the pilot's progress.

Designed for schools and beginner pilots, the Moxie is ideal for allowing you to progress easily and safely. It has the easiest takeoff we have ever seen, very intuitive piloting, and the controls have a long travel while remaining precise which give it a playful and efficient character in thermal combined with a high tolerance for approximations when launching. 'landing. The Moxie provides such confidence that it allows you to progress more quickly to advanced level riding skills.

For instructors, the Moxie is the wing that gives the best progress for students. It is suitable for both initiation and progression.

Takeoff, Landing and Flight

Take-off and landing are particularly easy. The roll stability, stable pitch profile and rapid inflation of the Moxie make it a very easy wing to launch even without holding the risers – just walking forward. The long and effective brake travel gives great forgiveness during landing, even when the pilot acts too late or asymmetrically. The high level of stability in roll and pitch gives in all phases of flight, from takeoff to final recovery, a high degree of passive safety and confidence. The flight itself is very reassuring, the response to the controls depending on the course is sufficient to allow fun piloting and progressive enough to give beginners confidence.

Instructors can count on the Moxie, it is the Swiss army knife of schools, it is designed to be the backbone of their fleet and to support pilots who are becoming independent. No wing combines such ease while offering such progressive prospects.

At the cutting edge of technology

We've deployed an unusual amount of cutting-edge technology on the Moxie for a wing of this range and price.

  • Winglets: after developing paramotor wings with winglets, we decided that they would be useful on the Moxie. We can only be pleased with their effect: they clearly improve spiral stability and reduce parasitic roll without penalizing performance – which is both good for safety and driving sensations, without any disadvantage.</li >
  • The design of the air intakes has been optimized, eliminating the in-flight vibrations often seen on early wings.
  • The double transverse cutting pattern of the leading edge developed for our competition wings has been used to eliminate wrinkles and obtain the best possible finesse for such an aspect ratio and such a profile.
  • The suspension plan has been worked on to reduce its drag by 18% compared to previous wings in this category.
  • The Moxie has a specific profile developed to ensure very simple inflation and handling on the ground as well as strong passive safety in flight. This new profile has a significantly lower thickness, which reduces the volume of air in the sail and therefore facilitates inflation.



Number of cells383838383838
Projected surface area (m2)17.2418.9320.5622.3724.326.4
Flat surface (m2)20.422.424.3326.4728.7631.3
Projected span (m)7.627.988.328.689.059.43
Flat span (m)9.910.3810.8111.2811.7612.26
Projected elongation3.373.373.373.373.373.37
Lying flat4.814.814.814.814.814.81
Wing weight4.164.484.825.055.495.9
Total Certified Weight (kg)45-6555-7560-9075-10590-120105-135

* The weight can vary up to 50 grams for the same size due to variations in the weight of the fabric.


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