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Ozone Magnum 3 - Paraglider EN B - Tandem

The choice of professionals, for pilot enjoyment and passenger comfort.

The Magnum 3 is designed for professional pilots. Its entirely new design allows for remarkable advances in longevity, comfort and ease of use, and especially in the areas of inflation, landing and flight agility.

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The design

For the Magnum 3, we started with a clean sheet of paper. A particularly careful internal structure saves weight and extends the life of the wing at the same time, resulting in lower costs for professional pilots.

The aspect ratio has not been increased. Indeed, ease of use and passive safety are critical points in tandem flight, so we did not accept any compromise on comfort and safety. The Magnum 3's performance gains are due to a cleaner leading edge, more cells and optimized line (13% less drag), which translates into improved glide and sink rate.


A new internal structure and optimized fabric combination resulted in a 700-gram reduction over the Magnum 2, without compromising strength. Increasing the life of the canopy was a key part of the specification - this significantly reduces the cost per flight for professional pilots.


A lighter wing immediately translates into improved takeoff. Windless launches - even with the trimmers in the slow position - are extremely easy. When the trimmers are in the slow position, they allow for lower speed take-offs over a short distance, easier take-offs, reduced sink rate and lower brake pressure for smoother flights. When the wind is stronger, the Magnum 3 stays simple, the canopy rises smoothly, without stopping points and without overshooting.

In flight

A new arch and tension bands have very significantly improved handling, the wing is superbly balanced in flight. Stray roll has been erased and it feels like you are gliding "on rails". As with all of our latest generation wings, we have paid particular attention to achieving perfect roll and yaw coordination through precise and light brake control.


A good landing, with a clean and easy flare was our major requirement. No special technique is required: the Magnum 3 "relaxes like a spring" during the resource, increasing lift and stopping forward motion. Even with a novice passenger, even at full load and in imperfect conditions, the Mag3 remains easy to land.


  • EN B certified with a wide weight range.
  • Raisers with trims for better windward penetration or for light passengers.
  • Choice between standard (rigid), soft, or lightweight spreaders.
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