Niviuk Roller 2 - Paraglider - Speed Flying & Rando Niviuk - 8
    • Niviuk Roller 2 - Paraglider - Speed Flying & Rando Niviuk - 9

    Niviuk Roller 2 - Paraglider - Speed Flying & Rando


    Remember you have no limit

    Speed, precision and agility, it's all in one remarkably versatile wing.

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    The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "

    The ultimate in speedflying

    Speed, committed curves, barrels, fast and dizzying descents or carving. Agility and performance in a technologically superior model.

    Be the exception and outside the norm

    You deserve a wing just like you: a free spirit, pushing the limits. Flying when you want and how you want - soaring without losing altitude and in strong wind conditions.

    Safety as a matter of principle

    With a high degree of intuitiveness and maneuverability, you have precise control from takeoff to a smooth landing.


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