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AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 1
  • AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 1
  • AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 3
  • AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 4
  • AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 5
  • AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider Air Design - 6

AirDesign - Ride 3 - EN-B Tandem Paraglider

The enigma of the two-seater. Often you are forced to choose your size by compromising on passengers at the extremes of weight… But have you considered simply having both? Imagine having the advantage of speed and maneuverability at low weight, while maintaining good support and lift with heavy passengers, all with the same wing!

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  • High Lift Profile (HLP): High lift profile that provides greater lift compared to standard profiles. Therefore, it is possible to load more weight onto a compact sized wing while still maintaining the lift you would expect from a larger wing;
  • providing perfect speed throughout the weight range, incredible lift and maneuverability.
  • Compact design: ensures perfect flight characteristics at low loads. Maintains maneuverability and stability.
  • Adjustable brake pulley height
  • Revised trim system: The extremely efficient extended range allows for excellent top speed – accelerating up to +11 km/h at full throttle, while ensuring stability and perfect handling of the kite.</li >
  • Big Ears: Divided A-risers to maintain the line of ears via the dedicated system on the spacers provided. (SKS: Spreaderbar Keeper System)
  • Reduced overall weight due to compact size and optimized interior construction. Extreme Durability: Highly durable materials and construction proven in professional use.
  • Interchangeable Trimmers

The new High Lift Profile (HLP), combined with the compact surface, provides a wider trim speed range, up to 11 km/h of gain at full throttle. While remaining ultra stable and easy to handle.

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Flat area (m2)39.5441.69
Flat elongation5.35.3
PTV (kg)115-215135-230
Sail weight (kg)7.68
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