Ozone Saucisse Pack Lite - Sausage Bag for Paragliding Ozone - 1
  • Ozone Saucisse Pack Lite - Sausage Bag for Paragliding Ozone - 1

Ozone Saucisse Pack Lite - Sausage Bag for Paragliding

Sausage bag ideal to store a paraglider quickly.

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Available in standard size (2.65m) and Large size (3.24m).

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Brand: Kortel

Kortel Sak Ballast Reversible - Reversible Backpack

The Reversible Sak Ballast makes it easy to transport your ballast or various items in competition. Reversible, it allows you to store the ballast directly in the pocket of the Kanibal Race II and to bring out the drain pipe.

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Advance LightBag - Ultralight carry bag

Small, light and compact This is an ultralight little backpack with plenty of room. The Lightbag is made of paraglider fabric and available in various colors. Once folded and stored in the pocket provided for this purpose, it finds its place everywhere: in a jacket, a trouser pocket, a handbag ...

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Paragliding helmet with integrated visor. Designed for cross-country and long-distance flying, its Category 3 visor helps protect you from the sun and generates less fatigue in flight due to the absence of relative wind on the face. SUPAIRVISOR flight helmets meet the requirements of the European standard EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012 and the European Directive...

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On Demand

Reference: ADVBANANE

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Advance - Banana bag

Medium in size, let's say “standard”. Main pocket, 2 small front pockets, 2 small side pockets, 1 back pocket. Adjustable strap. ADVANCE embroidery on the front.

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Tablet + Vario/GPS The Air3 7.3 is a true on-board computer. It is a rugged Android tablet with a high capacity battery and a 1000 nits screen. The Air 3 7.3 contains XCTrack Pro pre-installed. This makes it the ultimate cross country tool. If you have to choose only one device, this is it!

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