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    • Niviuk - Kargo Expe Race - Carrying Bag Niviuk - 1
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    Niviuk - Kargo Expe Race - Carrying Bag


    Lightweight, compact and durable with all the pockets and accessories needed for Hike & Fly.

    This bag was developed for the X-Alps and has been the subject of many hours of running and hiking testing with Tanguy Renaud-Goud.

    Niviuk P Series

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    The Rid'Air team's opinion: " Prepare yourself for victory. "

    • Waterproof materials.
    • Waterproof zippers.
    • Adjustable size depending on volume.
    • Compact once closed, perfect for running without the bag moving on your back.
    • Pocket on top at back.
    • Lycra pockets on the belts for cereal bars, Lycra pockets on the sides for the Camelbak or other hydration system.
    • Adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps and sternum strap for hours and hours of hiking.
    • Contact closure on the shoulders to put the GPS or phone, lycra pockets on the shoulders to put soft bottles.
    • Large side pockets.
    • Adjustable hooks for attaching climbing gear.
    • Ixex attachments.


    Weight410 g440 g
    Volume50 L60 L
    Length75 cm80 cm
    Width40 cm50 cm
    Depth20 cm22 cm
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