Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Light - Lightweight cockpit Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Light - Lightweight cockpit Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Light - Lightweight cockpit Sup'Air - 2
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Light - Lightweight cockpit Sup'Air - 3

    Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Light - Lightweight cockpit

    The Cockpit lite is intended for pilots who want a lightweight product that allows them to have a sufficient display surface to put several instruments.




    • Instrument securing with clips for quick assembly/disassembly
    • External battery pocket communicating with the instrument mounting surface
    • Storage pocket for storing instruments for transport as well as a few items (gloves, neck warmer, etc.)
    • Support on the chest so that the cockpit remains in position whatever the phase of flight
    • Compatible with all seated harnesses (without cocoons) in the Sup'Air range.
    • Weight: 200g
    • Size: One Size
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