SupAir - Maillon Rapid 7mm - Oval and Stainless Steel Sup'Air - 1
  • SupAir - Maillon Rapid 7mm - Oval and Stainless Steel Sup'Air - 1

SupAir - Maillon Rapid 7mm - Oval and Stainless Steel

With the widespread use of Dyneema® rescue risers and Dyneema® rescue parachute express straps in our range, the square quick link is less suitable for making the rescue - riser connection.

We now recommend the 7mm Oval Quick Link for Dyneema® webbing connections.



The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "


7mm oval quick link for rescue - Dyneema® riser connection.

Internal width 16mm. for 51g


The working load indication in kg, referred to as WLL (working load limit), represents the maximum allowable working load. A breaking load of 5 times the working load is defined as a safety feature for fast links.

  • Working load: 900 kg
  • Breaking load: 4500 kg


  • Stainless steel.
  • Diameter: 7 mm.
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