Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit Sup'Air - 2
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit Sup'Air - 3
    • Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit Sup'Air - 4

    Sup'Air Cockpit 2 Standard - Complete Universal Cockpit

    Particularly suited to progression harnesses such as the EVO LITE, PIXAIR 2, ALTIRANDO LITE, this cockpit is perfect for long flights.




    • Main pocket of approximately 3L capable of accommodating ballast
    • Side opening to empty ballast in flight
    • Additional internal battery pocket communicating with the instrument mounting surface
    • Possibility to put a 7-inch tablet and a classical instrument
    • Instrument protection cover
    • Instrument securing with clips for quick assembly/disassembly
    • Wide, rigid, Velcro®-covered instrument attachment plate
    • Support and stability on the belly of the cockpit whatever the flight phase
    • Weight: 350g
    • Size: One Size
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