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    Niviuk - Bag Kargo 90L - Compact Carry Bag


    Particularly compact, the new Kargo 90 has been designed for transporting a P Series harness and wing or for a small paraglider with its harness.

    Its ergonomic design allows you to comfortably accommodate your equipment, an essential carrying bag to use again and again.

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    ✓ Ultimate comfort

    Thanks to Niviuk research, development and manufacturing processes, we are able to offer you this ergonomic and comfortable model. The most durable materials have been used to optimally protect your equipment. The modern design adapts perfectly to all body shapes by providing better weight distribution, promoting general mobility and improving the rider experience in terms of comfort and functionality.

    ✓ Easy and quick storage

    The main zipped opening allows easy access to contents, the adjustable exterior straps allow you to adjust the volume and load.

    ✓ Specific features adapted to your needs

    • The adjustable straps adapt perfectly to all body shapes.
    • AirMesh foam at the body contact points (shoulders and back).
    • Adjustable straps on the front and back for optimal comfort and freedom of movement.
    • Zipped exterior pocket to store your personal belongings. The interior is divided into three parts: another small zipped pocket as well as a mesh with two compartments.
    • Mesh compartment on the outer left side, very spacious and easy to access. Ideal for your water bag and hydration hose.
    • Top handle to easily carry the bag with one hand.

    ✓ Everything in its place

    Its vertical design adapts perfectly and comfortably to your back while optimizing the use of space and maximizing the available capacity.

    Make the most of your adventures with this carrying bag that will allow you to transport all your flight equipment.

    ✓ Volume and durability

    With the Kargo 90, you will transport your flight equipment with complete confidence and peace of mind that the contents are perfectly protected. This durable carrying bag has a capacity of 90 L.

    The transparent exterior pocket allows you to display your name and address.

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