Sup'Air Supairvisor - Visor helmet for paragliders Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Supairvisor - Visor helmet for paragliders Sup'Air - 1
    • Sup'Air Supairvisor - Visor helmet for paragliders Sup'Air - 2
    • Sup'Air Supairvisor - Visor helmet for paragliders Sup'Air - 3

    Sup'Air Supairvisor - Visor helmet for paragliders

    Paragliding helmet with integrated visor.

    Designed for cross-country and long-distance flying, its Category 3 visor helps protect you from the sun and generates less fatigue in flight due to the absence of relative wind on the face. SUPAIRVISOR flight helmets meet the requirements of the European standard EN966: 2012 + A1: 2012 and the European Directive EU/89/686/EEC (indicated by the CE marking).

    SUPAIRVISOR flight helmets are category 2 PPE.

    Delivery time : unknown (2 to 6 months).
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    The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "

    Homologation: paraglider ce - in 966, delivered in a box with an interchangeable visor, a carrying case and a protective cover for the visor.

    With an ABS construction, the SUPAIRVISOR features a venting system.

    The visor is perfectly integrated. It does not interfere with the visual control of the canopy during inflation ( open visor ) nor the pilot's field of vision in flight ( closed visor ). It has been designed to be used with eyeglasses.

    The SUPAIRVISOR has a very efficient adjustment wheel to adjust the head size to the pilot's head size. The chinstrap closes with a precision adjustable automatic rack and pinion buckle. The category 3 visor, has an anti-scratch treatment.

    It can, however, be ordered separately should it need to be changed.


    • Interchangeable category 3 visor
    • Scratch resistant treatment
    • Vents
    • Automatic rack and pinion buckle closure
    • Adjustment wheel
    • Ability to use prescription glasses under the visor


    • ABS type construction
    • 710g


    • European standard EN966 : 2012 & A1 : 2012
    • European Directive EU/89/686/EEC
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