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AirDesign - UFO - Paragliding EN-B-C - Expert Air Design - 1
  • AirDesign - UFO - Paragliding EN-B-C - Expert Air Design - 1
  • AirDesign - UFO - Paragliding EN-B-C - Expert Air Design - 4
  • AirDesign - UFO - Paragliding EN-B-C - Expert Air Design - 6

AirDesign - UFO - Paragliding EN-B-C - Expert

…a word?


…a picture?

A magnetic attraction! At the deco, people can't help but touch it or inflate it. They are like hypnotized.

…a dream?

Alone on an isolated peak… in a galaxy far, far away…

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Rid'Air team opinion:" the UFO, “Ultralight Flying Object”, Ultralight Flying Object "

  • Double-coated Skytex, lined seams and border braids: sturdiness is key.
  • For the first time in the range, the lines are in Aramid, unsheathed but with a color code! Strength has never been so easy to disentangle.
  • Using Nitinol rods not only saves weight and increases durability, but also allows for super-compact folding...To even better slip the UFO into your bag.
  • The leading edge and trailing edge are reinforced with mylar inserts. This reinforces the structural cohesion so as not to modify the flight behavior of the wing over time.
  • The few boxes of the first UFO have disappeared for an even sleeker, simpler design and more compact folding. A few Nitinol rods slipped along the rope.
  • At the leading edge, ground attachment loops can be used to prevent the paraglider from slipping on a steep and/or slippery slope (snow).

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Flat area (m2)13.0014.5816.0617.7419.44
Projected area (m2)11.0212.3513.6115.0316.47
Flat Wingspan (m)8.048.518.949.399.83
Projected wingspan (m)6.356.727.067.417.76
Flat elongation4.974.974.974.974.97
Projected elongation3.663.663.663.663.66
Weight (kg)1.361.451.591.701.81
Standard PTV (kg)
EN/LTF certification
Extended PTV (kg)
EN/LTF certification

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