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Ozone Photon - Paraglider EN C 2-lines - Cross

A new category of kite is gradually appearing: the EN C "2 lines", with 2 rows of risers.

The benefits? Less drag and above all REAL piloting at the rear.

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2-line EN Cs take over the sky. Ozone offers the Photon, a C for experienced pilots eager for performance and throttle!

Contact us for a precise deadline and a personalized quote. Sizes XS and XL coming in 2023. Orders open for other sizes. Delivered without bag (option varies according to the model).



2-Line Sport Class

The Photon gives experienced Sport class pilots access to a level of performance very close to that of competition wings. This wing is the quintessence of Ozone's expertise in 2-line architecture. This project followed a studious development during which we gave ourselves the means by building numerous prototypes and flying with them for hundreds of hours to obtain an in-flight and out-of-flight performance which made it possible to bring the Photon at a very high level of “Useful Performance” in real cross conditions. With the Photon, we have found the missing link between conventional 3-liners and wings such as the Zeno 2 and Enzo 3.

The Design

The Photon was developed from the Zeno 2 with a slightly lower aspect ratio and number of cells. The selected profile is a little more stable and the arch more pronounced, improving the sensations of piloting comfort, while the winglets make it possible to control the effect of the increase in the arch on roll and spiral stability. . This kite is the most accessible 2-liner we have ever developed.

Sensations in Flight

In flight, the stability of the profile as well as the cohesion of the wing along the wingspan like the chord give the pilot a feeling of solidity and compactness throughout the speed range. Our work has resulted in a wing that gives superb piloting sensations combined with good passive safety and great ease of use. The level of performance of the wing is immediately noticeable – we have never flown under an EN C that has such a glide. It is a real 2-liner, the pilot can directly control the angle of attack at all flight regimes, which gives additional safety for experienced pilots and allows them to increase their average speed in turbulence. The control of the wing at the rear is intuitive and gives the pilot confidence, making this wing the ideal first step to converting to this type of piloting.


The glide ratio is very close to that of the Zeno 2 but with less demanding and more comfortable handling due to the reduced aspect ratio and a more consistent sail. When it comes to speed, the Photon is not only the fastest EN C we've made, but beyond the D4 it also outperforms the M7 and Zeolite, only edging out the Zeno 2. . Equally essential: at these speeds the wing remains solid and comfortable and the winglets stabilize the roll, which improves performance in accelerated flight.

Passive Safety

The numerous collapse behavior tests carried out by our own R&D team have shown that the wing easily meets the specifications of the Sport class, with behavior in asymmetrical and frontal collapses similar to those of the Delta 4. We never settle for the still air tests required by the standard and the Photon was no exception. We have spent hundreds of hours pushing the wing to its limits, in real conditions, to confirm its solidity in flight but also to ensure its behavior after real collapses in order to be certain that the wing corresponds good for Sport class pilots.

The Pilot

The Photon is EN C certified and available in six sizes, it is aimed at experienced pilots who already have flown under EN C category wings, with a high level of wing control and recent experience in SIV .

Number of cells717171717171
Projected area (m2)16.117.418.920.221.523.1
Flat area (m2)19.120.722.323.925.527.3
Projected wingspan (m)
Flat Wingspan (m)11.111.612.012.512.913.3
Projected elongation4.
Flat elongation6.
Glider Weight (kg) *4.284.474.7555.275.55
Total Certified Weight (kg)60-7570-8580-9590-105100-115110-130
EN / LTFIn ProgressCCCCC
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