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Light EN A pack - Your first light wing - 1
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Light EN A pack - Your first light wing

Quality, comfort and handling. 

Your very first light paragliding package. 

Incredible performance/weight/comfort balance

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The Rid'Air team's opinion: "The ideal first light wing"

Put together your package on Rid'Air and get the best rates in the world. 

This pack, including a Way Lacy EN A wing, a classic harness, a hemispherical parachute, the necessary hardware and a rucksack, is perfect for your first 100 flights.

To take advantage of this low price, the Rid'Air website automatically calculates the pack discount in the basket.Here are the contents to add to the basket (see product photo): 

-Way Gliders Lacy 2

-Sup'air Access 1 

-Niviuk Cires

-Sup'Air - Dyneema risers

-Sup'Air - 6mm stainless steel square link

-Way Gliders carry bag. 

The top-of-the-range Lacy 2 is the EN A wing in our Way Gliders range. No compromise on quality, its price is possible thanks to direct sales. 

Contact us if you'd like us to help you put together your first package. 

Who is the pilot of Lacy 2?

The Lacy 2 pilot has just finished his paragliding courses and is autonomous on a known site. He is passionate about paragliding and wants to acquire his first sail. As teaching professionals, we strongly recommend an E.N. A approved wing for its passive safety and ease of inflation. With Lacy 2 you will become an accomplished pilot, discover thermals and the exciting life of the paragliding pilot.

BehaviorLacy 2 inflates smoothly, with no hard spots, and virtually stops on its own above your head. Its homogeneity and gentleness make it as good in school as in leisure flying for pilots of all levels. The progressive turn requires little effort on the control, despite a long travel on the controls. This results in smooth landings and regular thermal climbs.
Your very first wingWe strongly recommend starting your progression on an E.N. A approved wing. You will not get bored or hinder your progress with a Lacy 2, since even experienced pilots use it in HF version during their travels.
Evolution into Lacy 2When a very experienced pilot asked us which wing to start aerobatics with, we recommended Lacy 2. Indeed, its piloting qualities make it a great ally for working on your first helicopters, your SATs and other nice pendulum movements!
SustainabilityLacy 2 is made of covered lines and sturdy fabric. It is made to withstand endless hours of inflation and weeks on the Pyla dune.


Lacy 2242628
Flat aspect ratio4.754.754.75
Flat surface (m2)242628
Agreement (m)2.762.872.98
Total rows226240245
Accelerator (mm)130130130
Take-off weight (kg)60-8075-9590-115
Transparent weight range (kg)60-7778-9293-115
Certification (EN)AAA

Size 22 available in Light version: HF (Hike & Fly).

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EN A pack - Your first wing

Quality, comfort and handling.  Your very first paragliding package.  The most attractive offer in the world. 

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