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Sup'Air - Delight 4 Sport - Cocoon harness for cross-country Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air - Delight 4 Sport - Cocoon harness for cross-country Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air - Delight 4 Sport - Cocoon harness for cross-country Sup'Air - 3

Sup'Air - Delight 4 Sport - Cocoon harness for cross-country

Delight 4 Sport


Always higher and always further, the 4th generation of the DELIGHT in its sport version reinvents the cross country harness according to Supair. While the DELIGHT 4 SPORT inherits the comfort and ease of use that made the first three DELIGHTs so successful, its aerodynamic profile and precise piloting make it a performance cocoon cut out for ambitious cross-country flights.

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Rid'Air team's review: "Finally an inflatable wing :-) Perfection. "


Fly high, fly far. This is the goal that motivates many pilots and pushes them to surpass themselves in the air. Cross-country flying is above all an endurance discipline, where mental and physical conditions play a key role in performance. One thing is sure: the equipment should not be a source of additional mental strain. 

The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is the fourth generation of pod harnesses designed and developed specifically for distance flight with comfort.

Throughout its design, the objective was to make the use of the harness simple so that you only have to concentrate on the essential: flight. To do this, our designers kept in mind three fundamental notions: comfort, performance and safety.

The structure of its seat, more rigid than that of the DELIGHT3, allows to chain the hours of flight without ever losing comfort. The use board avoids lateral compression points while filtering the air mass to communicate only the information necessary for a precise piloting. In turbulent conditions, the stable and reassuring behaviourof the DELIGHT 4 SPORT allows you to stay focused on your piloting  with confidencewithout unnecessary turbulence.

The safety is at the heart of the development of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT. Equipped with a new, lighter BUMPAIR than the DELIGHT 3, the harness provides high performance protection for maximum safety. Divided into two parts, a zipper allows the protection to be unfolded flat for a simple and compact storage in the rucksak. In this same idea of maximum passive safety, an anti-fall system approved to the new standards (450 kg) is used for a double belay of the belly strap.

The comfort and simplicity are necessary in every action. The DELIGHT 4 SPORT is therefore a highly accessorized harness which provides you with everything you need during the flight: large capacity rigid cockpit, USB cable passage, pockets , various passages for the flask pipes, ballast drain or penilex... In the same way, the adjustments of the harness remain accessible in the airwhich allows you to to adapt your position at any time on flight.

The fairing of the DELIGHT 4 SPORT improves the line of the harness. Its more aerodynamic airfoil increases the performance in cross country and stabilizes the whole on the yaw axis. This sport version of the DELIGHT 4 is aimed at cross country pilots looking for a high performance harness without compromising on comfort and safety.

The 4th generation of the DELIGHT comes in two versions. If you are looking for a first pod harness or a harness allowing you to progress towards performance, discover the "standard" version of the DELIGHT on Rid'Air.

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Delight 4 Sport
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