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Advance Iota DLS - Demo wing - like new - Paraglider EN B+ - Cross Country Advance - 1
  • Advance Iota DLS - Demo wing - like new - Paraglider EN B+ - Cross Country Advance - 3
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Advance Iota DLS - Demo wing - like new - Paraglider EN B+ - Cross Country

The IOTA 3 becomes the IOTA DLS. We took advantage of this period to improve our top class B wing, which was already well developed in terms of performance and handling. We have made it significantly lighter and also taken it to a higher level. Welcome to IOTA DLS. DLS stands for DURABLE LIGHTWEIGHT STRUCTURE and marks the start of a new development philosophy that combines structural innovations with a unique mix of materials. 

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The opinion of the Rid' team Air: "The Iota has always been a favorite of ours for its roll handling and fun to ride."

The Advance Iota DLS is an EN B+ wing for cross country. It is intended for pilots flying more than 30 hours a year who want high-performance equipment, especially in accelerated flight.

Semi light, the Advance Iota DLS takes the place of the Iota 3 in the range. Indeed, most EN B+ wings are now lighter for more comfort when inflating and when carrying.

Sizes: from 21 to 29m. Optionnal backpack. 

IOTA DLS2123252729
Flat Surfacem221.7823.4825.1827.2329.24
Projected surfacem218.5719.9421.3923.1324.83
Takeoff Weightkg60-7770-8880-10092-114105-128
Ideal weight rangekg65-7575-8585-9797-110110-125
Wing Weightkg3.
Projected wingspanm8.809.109.429.8010.15
Projected elongation4.
Maximum chordm2.452.542.632.742.84
Travel sym. max. with max. flight weight.cm72.56467.56559
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