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Vari'up Nano - Mini Vario Nano - 1
  • Vari'up Nano - Mini Vario Nano - 1
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Vari'up Nano - Mini Vario Nano

The Nano Vari'Up, ideal for traveling paragliders, tandem skydivers, hikers or pilots who want to stay focused on their sensations and the landscape.



The Rid'Air team's opinion: "Unprecedented, adjustable, robust and simple lighting"

Nano Vari'Up, made in France, is a space-saving mini vario (63 x 35 x 13 mm) and amazingly simple. It turns on and off with a small tap on the case or by approaching a magnet (your control handles, microphone or speaker of your radio). The autonomy of the Nano Vari'up is 150 h in flight and 3 years in standby.

First-time ignition

Turning on your variometer has never been so fun, easy and safe. The Vari'Up Nano turns on and off with a tap on the case or by approaching a magnet. Where to find a magnet? On your control handles, on your microphone or on the speaker of your radio! Your hands will finally stay on your controls and warm in their gloves!

Amplified Feeling Confirmation

The Vari'Up Nano is the lift indicator at its simplest. Uniquely responsive, it beeps when you climb and an adjustable fall alarm goes off above a certain threshold. Young pilots will learn to confirm their sensations and the more experienced will optimize their flight.

Back to simplicity

A must-hike and travel There's no need to burden yourself with expensive and fragile devices during your adventures. The Vari'Up Nano will satisfy travelers, tandem pilots, ultra-light hikers, and even pilots who fly locally, focused on their feelings and the scenery.


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