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Ozone Buzz Z6 - Paraglider EN B - Progression

A completely new design has resulted in a dramatic leap in performance in the Buzz series.

It's speed and glide are on par with top class wings, with passive safety at the highest level. The Z6 is perfect for ambitious beginners and pilots looking to cross-country with high passive safety.

The Z6 introduces several technical options in the intermediate category that have improved speed and glide, it benefits from a reworked SharkNose leading edge and an optimized line plan with 20% less drag. New materials improve durability and reduce weight.

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The technology

The Shark Nose profile has been improved by reworking the openings to increase internal pressure at all incidence angles, and adding G-Strings cords, as on the Rush 5. The G-Strings help keep the optimal shape of the air intakes in accelerated flight, and improve reopenings, which means that the closures reopen faster and cause less altitude loss. The leading edge benefits from a cutout with dual 3D shaping and improved sail tension in this aerodynamically critical area.

New internal structure

The new Z6 has a completely revised internal structure that improves its stability and sail cohesion. Tension bands in the span and diagonal modifications improve cohesion, sail tension and span flow, resulting in better turbulence absorption and reduced sail deformation. As a result, the Z6's performance in turbulent air and accelerated flight is significantly improved.

The Z6's performance in turbulent air is significantly improved.


The Z6's internal structure is designed to improve its longevity, which means longer life and higher resale value. The top surface is 30D Dominico for durability, and the 20D bottom surface reduces the weight of the sail. In the end, the Z6 is not only 450g lighter than the previous model, but it is also more durable!

Takeoff and flight

About the Z6, comfort and ease of flight are what come to mind first. The lighter canopy, improved performance, and a more consistent, agile feel make for easier takeoff and inflation than ever before. In the air, the handling is intuitive, fun and very agile. The brake action is progressive with a precise feel. The structural improvements result in a glider that is both comfortable and has good information about the air mass in thermals and turbulence. The Z6 is aimed at pilots who fly around 30-50 hours a year, or more experienced pilots who are looking for a high level of passive safety.

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