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Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 1
  • Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 2
  • Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 3
  • Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 10
  • Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression Sup'Air - 11

Sup'Air Leaf 2 - Paragliding EN B - Progression

Fun & Safety

Unstoppable. Site flying, thermal flying, mountain flying, seaside flying, the LEAF 2 is the ideal progression tool. Stronger and even more precise than the first LEAF, the LEAF 2 will quickly become the natural extension of your arms.

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The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "

Finishments, ergonomics and simplicity, these were the key words of the SUPAIR development team. The line is uncluttered and untangling a simple formality.

Analysis of the numerous feedbacks from dealers, pilots and instructors has led to the development of a glider that is more docile on take-off than the first generation LEAF, and that rises gradually and continuously. The control is firm, progressive and the passive safety optimized.

The handling of the wing is easy, from the slight pitch when entering lift to the optimal roll angle in turns, you will know how to master the LEAF2 in a day. Ceilings, thermals, speeds, you'll have it all figured out and memorized every sensation and be ready for the next flight, higher and further.




  • Autonomous pilots
  • Walk-in or winch-in takeoffs


  • Thin risers with extended base
  • Baby Sharknose profile
  • Ronstan low friction pulleys
  • Anti-friction rings
  • Smart mini ribs
  • Ear kit
  • Wing tip dump system


  • Overlay fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 38 g/m²
  • Bottom Fabric: Porcher Sport Skytex Universal 32 g/m²
  • Bulkhead Fabric: MJ Tec 32g Hard Finish
  • Backing fabric : Porcher Sport SR 170
  • Highlighter Fabrics: Liros
  • Intermediate slopes : Liros
  • Low slopes: Edelrid


  • Norm EN 926 - 1 and 2 and LTF 91/09 - Class B

Technical data

Number of cells4949494949
Flat area (m²)21.224.426.228.630.4
Width (m)10.611.411.812.312.7
Rope (m)2.492.672.762.892.97
Flat stretch5.
Projected area (m²)17.720.421.92425.5
Projected span (m)
Projected elongation3.793.793.793.793.79
Sail weight (kg)4.54.855.25.4
Range Total Flying Weight (kg)55-7570-9080-10090-110105-125
HomologationEN - LTF BEN - LTF BEN - LTF BEN - LTF BEN - LTF B
Number of lifts3+13+13+13+13+1
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