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Niviuk Skin 3 - Single surface paraglider - Rando Niviuk - 1
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Niviuk Skin 3 - Single surface paraglider - Rando


The next big paragliding experience

Forget everything you may have heard on single-surface sails. The new Skin 3 brings together the best of dual-surface and mono technologies: for the first time, a single-surface wing offers characteristics and flight comfort comparable to those of a classic paraglider: Comfortable, stable, efficient

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Excellent in any situation

Much more effective in turbulent conditions, headwinds, or in cross country situations. Unlike other single surface wings, its nature does not influence its flight behavior.

Durable and lightweight

The combination of a new, highly engineered reinforced structure and the use of semi-lightweight materials results in a significantly reduced number of lines and a lightweight, durable glider.

A great accessibility

An EN B certified glider that is maneuverable, efficient and stable for greater flying comfort. More fun, faster, much more accessible and simple to fly.


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