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Sup'Air Delight 3 - Sellette

Lightweight, optimized passive safety & steering precision

The Delight 3 is a lightweight cross-country harness designed for pilots who want a model that is weight restricted, precise in piloting and has optimized passive safety. It takes what made the Delight 2 so successful while effectively improving back support, safety and accessorization.

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The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "

The Delight 3 is more cross country and performance oriented than its predecessors. The structure is stiffer, the lumbar support is very present and continuous, and the flight behavior is precise.

The harness closes with two automatic buckles (Cobra): simple, easy and safe. The single buckle closure secures the pilot's attachment.

On takeoff, the ride is easy (lightweight harness with leg straps), the sit and the speedbag installation are obvious. The structure of the leg harness with removable mini-platform allows for a straightforward and precise flying feel.

High passive safety: A new BUMPAIR 16STK provides excellent crash test results. The thigh autostability allows for a good overall balance of the harness. The closure of the harness by auto buckle is easy and secure. Little extra: a branching kit is integrated into the harness.

The parachute pocket is completely zippered. The pocket is locked by two hidden rushes: nothing snags, everything is securely closed and smooth on the harness.


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