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Advance Axess 4 - Sellette


Basic, compact and safe

The AXESS 4, the classic ADVANCE harness for beginners, enters its fourth generation and is simpler, more compact and safer than ever. In addition to the proven Air-Foam hybrid protector, it is also equipped on the sides and back with flexible and removable viscoelastic SAS-TEC protection elements from motorsports. With its compact folding volume and basic features like Balance Strap, Easy Connect and an intuitive adjustment system, the harness with seat board is aimed at versatile pilots who value overall ease of handling. .

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On the market for four years, the AXESS 3 is one of the most widely used versatile beginner harnesses in the world. During this period and discreetly, the third generation of this universal product gradually established itself as the best-selling ADVANCE harness. A success which also imposes obligations.

In general, the new AXESS 4 builds on the previous model and is also positioned in the mid-price segment; It thus differs from its big sister, the SUCCESS 4. On the AXESS 4 too, the technology of the Air-Foam hybrid protectors plays an essential role in terms of maximum protection and compactness. This ADVANCE innovation has proven itself since the launch of the AXESS 2 and matured over several generations. Even the PROGRESS 3 now benefits from it.


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