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Ozone Zeno 2 - ML - 50h flight - Very good condition - OCCASION Ozone - 1
  • Ozone Zeno 2 - ML - 50h flight - Very good condition - OCCASION Ozone - 1

Ozone Zeno 2 - ML - 50h flight - Very good condition - OCCASION



50h of flight - Very good condition

Used copy in very good condition. 50h of competition flight, only on grassy sites. Delivered without bag.

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  • Same comfort and ease of use
  • Enzo 3 levels of speed and glide
  • All new profile with increased CM+ (reflex)
  • New opening position, with strings
  • New trailing edge reinforcement
  • New line material and low drag risers

The character

Our primary goal was to preserve the legendary comfort and ease of use of the Zeno. The Zeno 2 retains the same cell count and AR in order to achieve this, in addition to more passive safety - better front and side collapse response.


New Zeno 2 profile technology includes increased CM+ (reflex) and more rear cell openings. This new aero profile delivers a significantly higher top speed, better glide and greater efficiency across the entire speed range. With a slightly faster trim speed and significantly faster top speed compared to the Zeno, it now matches the Enzo 3 in top speed and glide. Top speed is fast, significantly faster than the Zeno (we measured +7km) and only necessary in a competitive final glide.

The feeling

Overall, the Zeno 2 offers a bit more feedback compared to the Zeno, but still in an intelligible way. It remains comfortable and confidence-inspiring for riders in the category. The increased sensation makes it easier to feel cores, follow good energy lines, and feel air. An optimized internal structure gives an impressive feeling of cohesion when climbing in thermal turbulence. One of the benefits of the covid delay is that it gave us time to fine-tune the handling exactly to our liking - cornering response is precise and dynamic, with higher levels of agility than the Zeno. p>

The driver

The Zeno 2 is designed specifically for very experienced XC pilots who fly at least 100 hours per year and have a solid background in SIV, and who need record level performance / XC competition.


Number of cells78787878
Projected area (m2)17.718.920.322.2
Flat area (m2)2122.524.126.5
Projected wingspan (m)9.59.810.210.7
Flat Wingspan (m)1212.512.913.5
Projected elongation5.
Flat elongation6.
Wing Weight4.74.925.225.62
Flying weight range (kg)75-9085-10095-110105-125

* Pending

*Weights may vary up to 50g per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.

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