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AirDesign - Volt 4 - Paraglider EN-C - Cross Country Air Design - 1
  • AirDesign - Volt 4 - Paraglider EN-C - Cross Country Air Design - 1

AirDesign - Volt 4 - Paraglider EN-C - Cross Country

…a word?


…a picture?

The power you feel in the face of a storm.

…a dream?

Flying in two lines is no longer a dream! This is your reality!

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Rid'Air team opinion: "Electrifying performance. the very first 2-line EN C"

  • Double-coated Skytex, lined seams and border braids: sturdiness is key!
  • Unsheathed but color coded lines (Aramid, Edelrid 8001U) – The Volt 4 comes with 12mm Aramid risers as standard. Superlight Dyneema risers available on request (-130g)
  • Nitinol rings all along the rope not only saving weight and increasing durability, but also making it super compact
  • Razor edge and seamless trailing edge: all seams are internal for an even cleaner surface finish.

Brochure - Certification - Lines - Manual - Test report VIDEO

Flat area (m2)20.0521.5022.9424.6826.4228.16
Projected area (m2)17.1718.4119.6521.1422.6424.12
Flat Wingspan (m)11.4211.8212.2112.6713.1113.53
Projected wingspan (m)9.319.649.9610.3310.6811.03
Flat elongation6.
Projected elongation5.
Total length of lines209216221230238245
Weight (kg)
12mm Aramid risers
Weight (kg)
Dyneema risers
Total flying weight (kg)60-7370-8280-9288-10399-115110-128

DHV test reports include EN C certification with bend lines.

All tests carried out using these lines are automatically classified C, even if less demanding.

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