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    Niviuk - Bag Kargo - Compact Carry Bag


    All in one

    With the most special backpack in the Kargo range, you have all the volume you need for your flight equipment. The wing, harness and accessories fit into an ergonomically designed bag that distributes the weight optimally, making it easy to carry, giving you maximum comfort on all your travels.

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    Think big

    Its vertical design allows you to take advantage of every angle and increase its capacity to the maximum. Make the most of your adventures with a backpack that adapts to your needs.

    Functional for fun and adventure

    The most durable materials and the latest textile technologies are combined in a fully ergonomic design, providing maximum comfort and protecting your valuable flight gear, at all times.

    At the service of the pilot

    A range of backpacks, ready and equipped with everything you need to go!

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