Mipfly Mipbip - Vario for paragliding Mipfly - 1
    • Mipfly Mipbip - Vario for paragliding Mipfly - 1
    • Mipfly Mipbip - Vario for paragliding Mipfly - 2
    • Mipfly Mipbip - Vario for paragliding Mipfly - 3

    Mipfly Mipbip - Vario for paragliding

    Vario with thin and light LCD display.
    Little brother of the Mipfly ONE.



    The Rid'Air team's opinion: " ... "

    The MipBip device packs a lot of power into a small form factor. The vertical speed sensing technology is based on lessons learned from the One, its big brother, incorporating a high-precision pressure sensor as well as an accurate and fast inertial measurement system.
    The combination of the rechargeable battery and solar cell provides up to 200h of flight time. Solar recharging between flights or while waiting for take-off extends the range indefinitely. Recharging via a micro USB connector is also possible.
    In addition, the MipBip can function as a data link providing telemetry data to a phone or tablet via the USB cable.

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